Saint Nicholas Wayfarers Church


August 2019

St Nicholas’ Wayfarer’s Church – A Charitable Trust No: 117328
Here ‘The Word’ is Enthroned: Nurturing Spiritual Growth

Affiliated to: The Quiet Garden Movement, Retreat Association; Friends of Friendless Churches. Ancient Monuments Society

Please note 24 hour CCTV covers church (interior and exterior) and grounds.
Open 10.00 – 5.00.

Our thanks to Edward Martin of EM Computers, Williton, for sponsorship; transferring the Newsletter to the St N web page. EM: offers a fine service: parts, sales, personal help when things go astray!

Welcome: To visitors just passing by and greetings to ‘Friends’ country-wide, Cork and abroad. Enjoy your visit – no need to rush!! Much to appreciate. Enjoy a pause in life.

Please note: St Nicholas is a Charitable Trust. The Trustees (10) hope visitors will support this venture after many years given to the restoration of this lovely (decommissioned) church.

The Restoration of St Nicholas was privately funded. Any support financially or otherwise, that visitors are able to contribute for the long-term care of the Church, would be appreciated.

Recent Events: July 20th: We were pleased to welcome a local ladies group who meet regularly for Scripture study, which I was pleased to hear about. Nine came along for a morning’s retreat, the topic being Lectio Divina. It was a relaxing and delightful way to spend a summer morning. July 27th: A group of 20 members of The St James Confraternity, came from near and far (Derby!) to celebrate St James feast day. They met for coffee then followed the circular walk via Kilve with lunch en route returning for tea and lovely cakes accompanied by a talk about St Nicolas’ restoration. The bells were rung to celebrate St James day. They then drifted away between 3.30-4.00 p.m. A happy way to celebrate and the weather was very kind with plenty of sunshine.

New Booklet Available: ‘A Meditation’ Free to visitors. Donation for Trust Funds welcomed.

Please sign the visitor’s book. There have been over 7750 (+/-) visitors in 12 years. Our thanks to those who sign and comment! It helps development having views and opinions.

Your Visit: St Nicholas, a Wayfarers Church, seeking to support each individual’s life journey. It is a place to find rest and stillness. Please respect this for the sake of other visitors.

An objective is to promote individual spiritual growth; important for health and well-being. There is much of interest including a growing library; do browse. Catalogued lists available. See folders.

*Do feel free to take away back issues of magazines, and other leaflets available. *
You will find many articles of world-wide interest. Be informed! They are well worth reading.

Keep informed! Did you know Areas of St Nicholas may be booked for individual, family, group use or meetings? The vestry seats 1 – 2: the Mezzanine – up to 5; wooden lodge + kitchenette – up to 12, social area – up to 30; the nave 50-60; the Chancel, well suited to group prayer. Disabled toilet and heating.

Do hope you will take advantage of these spaces in this lovely location, during Spring months. Wander through the grounds to relax, watch splendid sunsets and simply chill-out.

Photographers please note: Kindly remember photographing the exterior of any building is legal. Permission is required for any taken internally; for reasons of security of the Church and its content.

Retreats: Retreats may be arranged on a group / personal basis. Contact Annette on 01278 733 504.

One objective
 for restoring this church was to provide a quiet place to be and find stillness in this busy, sometimes crazy world. Enjoy the emerging Summer colours, and birds singing just for you!

Thanks: To Jim Marchent of Fiddington for maintaining the grounds, to Jan Hunt and Anne Fulton, both of Kilton, for daily opening and closing the church and keeping St Nicholas fresh and clean.

Enjoy the surroundings! Pause-rest-Listen. Do take a copy of Poems and Blessings. Hope you will experience the peace of St Nicholas, continue refreshed, and come again! Blessings, Annette

St Nicholas’ role is to proclaim the Gospel according to Jesus Christ: ‘Physician of Righteousness and Well-Being’ Making the Invisible visible.

* * * * * * *