Saint Nicholas Wayfarers Church

Poets Corner

Poems and Blessing Written for St Nicholas The Wayfarer’s Church


May God give you content,
Peace in your memories and
Time to consider your path.

May God give you support,
Happiness in the little things and
Smiles along the daily way.

May God give you opportunity,
To go that extra mile and
Share with the strangers on the road.

May God wipe away your tears,
Give you encouragement and
Walk with you to your destination.

The blessing of God is all
The currency you need.

John Gilman.


A Poem for a Wayfarer

Perhaps you will not meet Him where expected
In structured ceremony with long used written words.
Perhaps not at appointed times on Sunday
At places where the stream runs deep but narrow.

Perhaps not kneeling, standing, or singing
Those modern rhythmic, maybe catchy tunes
or even those old favourite hymns much loved
on Songs of Praise.

But bump against Him in the street where
conversation strangely warm, touches at your heart
and in the gentle warmth of others in those
few uplifting words; a touching hand
on arm or shoulder and smiling company
along the harder miles. That helpful gift
without the contract, debts or paying back.
It’s here we find the risen Jesus.
Not so hard to see Him when you lift
your head and recognise His smile.

John Gilman.


Saint Nicholas, Kilton

These sapling elms are dead
but stand, grey and bare
between the lane and church,
under this August sun, spread
across ripened fields of grain
where combines roar and lunch.
I could enter in and pray.
Instead, I’ll stay outside
where the business of the day
is seen to be done, as swifts
slice the sky about the tower
while a robin sings above a grave,
and a clamour of sparrows
brawl in the lane over fallen grain:
and there is only silence in the nave.


Angelus at Noon

What does this silent nave convey,
that altar dumb, this moted sun,
those mute memorials on the walls
that lie among the lively fields:
what do they say that all so clearly calls?
Perhaps by simply going in to pray
a supplicant moves out and onward
beyond the business of their day…

John Kemp