Monthly Reflections – August 2019


Saint of the month - St Clare 1193 - 1253 

St Clare was born at Assisi. At a young age she followed her fellow countryman St Francis in his life of poverty and was the founder and ruler of an order of nuns (Poor Clares) - which continues to this day. She led a very austere life, abounding in works of piety and charity.

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Thought for the Month

Just as with our physical bodies, eating on the run is not ideal: we need to carve out time and space with the Lord when we can be nourished by him. 'Courage (to do so) is grace under pressure.'

Ernest Hemingway


Prayer for the day of your visit: 

Lord, you are the source of all that I am and all I posses. Cleanse my heart of greed and envy. Teach me to depend on you for my every need. Make me rich in your sight.

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